My Recencies: May 20-26

Inspiration Thursday: Self-Confidence and Awesome Art

Inspiration Thursday

Whenever I get to Thursday, I just feel like I need some extra inspiration to get me to Friday. This is what is getting me through today!

I watched all these today after a long day at work and they really helped me pick my mood up a little.

This first video is from Cydnee Black again, this time with a recent video. In this video, she talks about how to prepare yourself to build your self-confidence with tips like affirmations (even though she admits she thought it wS dumb at first). I just really love how genuine and sweet she seems; definitely not someone who I would think needed a boost in self-confidence, but then again, don’t we all from time to time?

Now for some art for you! I’ve been really trying hard at my hand letting, and I recently researched this video that I stumbled on a couple months ago (and I loved it so much, I subscribed to it right away). He goes through the creative process behind his thoughts, and the ease of his hand is just stunning to watch. I hope I get this good one day!

And finally, and extra video. I stumbled across this video on reddit and had to share. This guy does amazing photorealistic coloured pencils drawings, and he just shared this one of Walter White. Being someone who couldn’t make an orange look real, I really admire artists like this guy, and Chuck Close (whose exhibits I saw on display at MOMA in NYC). Simply awe-inspiring art.

Check Out Episode 71 of the We’re The Worst Podcast!

If you didn’t already know, I started a podcast with my good friend Sowmya, and we’re over at We’re The Worst podcast! We talk about a bunch of things, from food to our aspirations and we even play games! This is what we were up to this week!


This week, our topic is movie directors! I sincerely brought this up as a topic because I wanted to do a series of episodes where we talk about our favourite movies from certain directors, but I didn’t actually know what movie directors did. So that’s what we talk about in this episode! The Wikipedia article talked about how movie directors are like authors, but I don’t know how anyone could make Batman VS Superman good. Burn!

You can listen to the episode here; and check out the rest of our episodes on our website!