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I learned that January was Hot Tea Month, and decided to step up my recording of my love of tea! I made these little tea journaling cards, based on what was important to me:

  • Name of tea and the brand,Where the tea was from,
  • Where I bought the tea (or, if it was a gift),
  • The type of tea,
  • How much I liked it,
  • The flavors,
  • And any other notes I had about the tea.

As before, the cards are 3.5″ x 2.5″; there is an all sans serif version, and then one that’s got a little cursive flair. This time I made grey boxes to write in because it made it a little more fun.

These are not set up for print, but if there’s enough demand I may do that in the future! There are crop marks for easy double-sided set up, though.

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