Redwood Coast Cider

These are all the beers (and other beverages) that I had in 2020 that I recorded on Untapped. Above are all the pictures that I took of the beer. Down below are all screenshots from the app. I’m sure I had a lot more that I didn’t record, because I didn’t record the ciders from my featured image (those were from a local brewery called Redwood Coast Ciders); I would also buy some 16oz beer cans to try at home, and would sometimes forget to record those.

As you can tell, I really like sours and ciders. My favorites were Modern Times’ Laser Rain, 2 Towns Ciderhouse’s Good Limes Roll, and Full Circle Brewing Company’s Pie in the Sky (the one I had was Mixed Berry, but I also saw that they make an Apricot).

All the images are linked with if you want to see an enlarged version.

Zero To Hero

This blog post is part of the Zero to Hero WordPress 30 Day Challenge which was published back in 2013. I was still already using WordPress back then and saved all the challenges. When starting up my blog again, I wanted to start with the basics and decided to whip this out, just over 7 years later. (Never too late, right??)

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment, or completing the Blog Suggestions and Feedback form! I’m still building up my blog, so I’m open to suggestions!

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