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Honestly, the only things I’ve been doing all week have been packing, crocheting, and listening to podcasts, so here are some more Reddit posts that I really liked.

Crochet, Cross Stitch, & Crafts

Drawing, Illustration, & Graphic Design

  • Fish Drawings: This made me laugh out loud; I love the humor behind it and they’re just amazing recreations of the original paintings.
  • Pulp Fiction Poster: This looks so good for their “first attempt”, I really love the color scheme!
  • Gilbert and Timothy: I love the style that this illustrator has, and the texture looks so good!
  • Moonlit Drink: This looks amazing! I love the animation, I love the textures, I love the 3D effect.
  • That’s All Folks!: This is so mesmerizing to watch, and the way that the person finishes the phrase, I wish I could be this good one day!
  • At Home: Urban sketching at home is one of my favorite things from the pandemic; I want to eventually capture my house and Taylor’s apartment before we move so that I can remember the before times. We’ll see if I get around to doing that! (Doubt.)

Journals, Notebooks, & Planners

  • Bird Monthly Spread: I don’t usually like birds, but this spread is so cute! I especially love how the person did the boxes for the calendar. Super colorful and creative!
  • Weight Log Spread: I love the aesthetics of this page! I especially like the scales and the pink highlight underneath. Really cute!
  • Hand Drawn Spread in Book Journal: I love this idea, of drawing the book covers yourself and putting them in a book journal. I really want to do this for my book journal!
  • Mental Health Journal notes: I love this post for two reasons. One, the person is planning on dedicating an entire notebook to their mental health and I really applaud that, and two, the notes look so good you guys! Straight, legible handwriting and cute, useful highlighting.

Zero To Hero

This blog post is part of the Zero to Hero WordPress 30 Day Challenge which was published back in 2013. I was still already using WordPress back then and saved all the challenges. When starting up my blog again, I wanted to start with the basics and decided to whip this out, just over 7 years later. (Never too late, right??)

Please let me know what you think by leaving a comment, or completing the Blog Suggestions and Feedback form! I’m still building up my blog, so I’m open to suggestions!

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