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So I posted the Sticky Notes Weekly Habit Tracker and I’m using them pretty frequently. Currently, while writing this, I am using a planner that does not have a standard bookmark, and there’s not really a place to put the sticky notes so that it’s not always in the way, so to solve both problems, I made a little template for a bookmark.


There are two pages to the PDF, one with the “Cut & Discard” and one without.

Print the first page, the one without the “Cut & Discard”, on whichever paper or cardstock that you and your printer likes.

The second page, the one with the “Cut & Discard”, is just to show you which segments to discard. You can also print this page out instead of the first page, but I wanted to save you a little bit of ink.

Just place your sticky notes on the squares; they are a little bit smaller than 3″ just to make sure they fit on top and you can’t see the square peeking out underneath.

And that’s it! I use the on on the left, with the two Post-Its because I find that I need two Post-Its, but if you just need one, use the one on the right. You can also use the one on the right as a fold-over bookmark.

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