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Sticky Notes Printable: Checklists

Sticky Notes Printable: Checklists Preview

Using the sticky note template, I made some generic checklists! I was writing out a grocery list and realized I didn’t have a checklist printable!

Similar to how the weekly trackers were setup, there are three different sizes, small, medium, and large!

Below, I have instructions on how to print on your sticky notes, complete with pictures if you are confused.

Printing the Template

  1. Download the zip file and choose the template you would like to use.
  2. Print Page 1 of the template. The first page is the template to place your sticky notes onto for printing. When printing, remember to select only Page 1 of 1. You can see various screenshots on what this may look like on your screen if you are using a Mac.
    Printing Screenshot 1 Printing Screenshot 2 Printing Screenshot 3
  3. After Page 1 is printed, put the sticky notes into the squares on the printed page. The sticky part should all be going the same way, preferably on the top and not the side. This is important, as if you do not put them all at the top, the printer may jam.
  4. Place the sticky note template into the printer with the sticky parts facing towards the printer feed. Again, if they go in the wrong way, the printer may jam. Play close attention to how the paper is feeding! I suggest doing a test print without the sticky notes to see which way your printer picks up the paper, and where it will be printing.
  5. Print Page 2 of the template. The second page is the template that will be printed onto the sticky notes.
  6. And you’re done! Printers may move the printing slightly by a couple of millimeters (I accidentally printed page 1 and it moved printed slightly off-center, so my templates don’t have a lot of things close to the edge. However, if the items are slightly off-center, I would suggest replacing that sticky note and moving so that it can print more centered.

Making your own template to print from

  1. Click on the Sticky Note Google Slides Template. Go to File > Make A Copy > Entire Presentation. This will copy this into your own Google Drive. If you don’t use Google Drive and use Powerpoint or Keynote instead, you can go to File > Download > Microsoft Powerpoint to get a Powerpoint version. Most of this tutorial should be the same with either application, but I’m not too familiar with the programs to confirm. Sorry!
  2. Leave Slide 1 alone, and go straight to Slide 2 to edit. Put whatever you want in the little boxes! I added guides that you can snap to, which you can see by going to View > Guides > Show Guides. If you don’t like them, go through the same process to turn them off. Everything that fits in the boxes will be printed onto the sticky note!
  3. Be wary of margins! Printers may move the printing slightly by a couple of millimeters. Make sure you don’t put anything too close to the edge, or it may get cut off!
  4. After you are done editing Slide 2, right click on the slide and choose Apply Layout > Blank. This is important, as it will turn off the square template background, so it will not print the squares again. I forgot to turn them off, and it printed the template with the squares onto my sticky note!
  5. To print, use follow steps 2 through 6 of the printing tutorial. And you’re all set! Let me know if you have any issues with your printing and I will try to help, but I only have a basic understanding of desktop printers. Sorry!
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