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Comic Book Journaling Cards

Traditionally, the first Saturday in May is Free Comic Book Day (FCBD), which is an event where comic book publishers and stores participate by giving away specially made free comic books for the day. I have not actually been to a comic book store on FCBD, but I love comic book stores and I love the event. I try to get at least one free comic book each year from online readers like Comixology, they’re always short and sweet.

This year, it has been moved to Saturday August 14th, but I still wanted to celebrate on the first Saturday of May by making some simple comic book journaling cards for today. I wish I could be more of an avid graphic novel reader! I hope this will help organize my comic books! I have a bunch that I just have not gone through yet.


Here are the details I included on the cards:

  • Series name
  • Summary
  • Author/Illustrator
  • Genres/Key Topics
  • Overall Rating
  • Notes

As before, the cards are 3.5″ x 2.5″; there is an all sans serif version, and then one that’s got a little cursive flair.

These are not set up for print, but if there’s enough demand I may do that in the future! There are crop marks for easy double-sided set up, though.

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