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Some of my friends and I are preparing to do a short, weekend trip, so I wanted to make some short, journaling cards for day trips. I guess you could also use them as generic trip journaling cards, if you think they’re enough for you to journal about your trip.


Day Trip Journaling Cards Thumbnail
Day Trip Journaling Cards Thumbnail


The first page is designed for a 2″ square picture and for you to write at the top or bottom. The rest of the cards have prompts like:

  • Where you went
  • How you got there
  • What you did while you were traveling to your destination
  • What you did once you got to your destination
  • What you are once
  • Your favorite part of the trip
  • How you got home
  • What you did on your way back home

As before, the cards are 3.5″ x 2.5″; there is an all sans serif version, and then one that’s got a little cursive flair. There are crop marks so you know where to cut.

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