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Blog Prompt: Ordinary Skills

Blog Prompt: Ordinary Skills

I repurposed a Birchbox for the sole reason of making a blog prompt box! I shake it up, pick a prompt at random, and write a blog post! You can read the other posts here.

Today’s blog prompt is:

What ordinary skill are you bad at?

I can’t swim! Does that count?

Trust me, I have tried. I took swim classes every year for, like, all of elementary school. All different teachers, so it wasn’t the instructor. Couldn’t do go past floating (can’t float, either). My good friend Julie tried to teach me one summer in middle school (maybe 7th grade?). She gave up pretty quickly, though we had fun in her pool :). I even had to take swim classes in high school, couldn’t do it, I gave up and the teachers didn’t push it. Even now, my boyfriend Taylor was a certified swim instructor for children and I doubt he could’ve taught me. (He hasn’t tried. He has offered and I have refused purely to save my pride from embarrassing myself in front of my (then-new) boyfriend.

I don’t know why my brain refuses to learn how to swim; I understand the mechanics, hold your breath underwater, push with your feet and arms through the water, go up when you run out of breath. I just can’t seem to float. Or do all of it together. Whatever!

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