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Blog prompt box Intro and #1

Blog prompt box Intro and #1

While prepping for my blog, I’ve made a blog prompt box! You can look through the gallery for my pictures.

Yes, it’s just a Birchbox that I repurposed. On top of the box, that’s just a mini Post-It I’ve had since forever and it’s kept on securely with washi tape. I like it! It’s no hassle, and I can shake it up without worrying about the lid going flying.

Anyway! Here’s the first one I pulled out:

Write about a mistake you can learn from.

Last month, I threw a bridal shower for the wedding I am in at the end of this month, and while starting up the propane, open flame heater for the first time, I had a fireball to the face. So lesson learned: No fireballs to the face again.

Okay, but seriously, here’s my real answer: When planning anything, double that time and plan that into your day. For example, if you think traveling will take half an hour, double it and assume it might take an hour to travel. Or if you think going to Fedex or UPS to ship something will take 15-20 minutes, assume it might take 30-40 minutes instead.

I used to do this when I was living in New York because of subway and train delays, but since coming back, I stopped thinking that way because I was driving and could control my commute. False! You cannot predict traffic even if you pull up the traffic report before you leave. Getting to a place early is always preferable to getting there late, so try that instead!

This doesn’t just apply to travelling — while planning the bridal shower I mentioned, I assumed I would have help putting up decorations, but due to an accident and the weather, I had to make and put up most of the decorations myself. Because the accident was last minute, I did not think to double my prep time and ended up rushed when the party started (some guests ended up helping set up the food — embarrassing). You can’t predict accidents, you guys. Anyway, learn from my mistake!

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