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Blog Prompt: Young at Heart

Happy Mother’s Day! I’m spending the day with my mom, so here is a pre-scheduled blog post for your enjoyment! Let me know what you think!

I repurposed a Birchbox for the sole reason of making a blog prompt box! I shake it up, pick a prompt at random, and write a blog post! You can read the other posts here.

Today’s blog prompt is:

What are your thoughts on aging? How will you stay young at heart as you get older?

A lot of people I know are complaining about being in our late 20s. I, however can’t wait until I’m 90 years old and have 20 cats waiting to eat me when I’m dead. At the risk of sounding new-agey, life is a journey and I just can’t wait for the future.

I’ll admit being an adult hasn’t been easy; I’ve probably had more break downs because of being an adult than because of being a teenager. But there are so many things I’m looking forward to. I can’t wait to get a place of my own: to decorate it the way I want, to get my own furniture, to buy art to display. I can’t wait to travel as much as I want, find the career I really excel at (and that I thoroughly enjoy), read about all the medical and technological advances that the human race makes.

Even in the short term: I can’t wait for new seasons of shows I watch to be uploaded to Netflix, I can’t wait for the next Avenger’s movie to finish the Civil War plot line, I can’t wait to go back to LA in June.

Maybe I’m just really amused (or distracted) but I just think you have to find happiness in the little things to stay young. So many videos of toddlers are just them experiencing something for the first time. You have to try to relive that joy, especially when things are bleak. This is partly why I hate spoilers so much, but that’s another rant for another day.

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