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Bullet Journal: January 2016

Time for a bullet journal update! From my last bujo post, I showed you my setup for January and now I’m here to shows you how I filled it out!

Here are some of the details of the process I went through after my last post:

So first, I had a hard time deciding where to paste my monthly and weekly inserts. I ended up taping them to the sides of the pages where they kinda get inconvenient, but they’re fine. The most annoying thing, actually, was getting g used to the spiral bound notrebok style. I haven’t used a spiral bound notebook since college, and I forgot how annoying it was. (I won’t get into the itty-bitty details now, but yeah. Hate it.) In retrospect, I shouldn’t have put them on the side, because I use the side-color indexing system… I remedied that with thin washi tape though so it’s not that big of a deal I guess.

Second thing, I put my Frixion Marker to good use! I used it for headers, dividers and boxes! I’m happy with it on the thin paper.

Thirdly, I’m trying to use all my stickers (can you tell?) so I’m using them everywhere!

Lastly, I got these awesome Essenti dry highlighters! When I write out my day, I kinda go stream-of-consciousness, whatever-comes-first kinda thing, so I wanted to make the most important task of the day really stand out. I got the pastel colors, and they do the job, but I think I’ll get the bright colors next; the pastel ones did not pop as much as I wanted them to.

Anyway, here’s the whole gallery if you want to look at it!

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