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Bullet Journal Update! (February through April)

Alright! It’s been a while, so I think it’s time for a bullet journal update! Please refer to my past bullet journal posts because I will probably be referring to them often!

Short recap: Logistically, regarding the notebook itself, again, it is a cheap dot grid spiral bound notebook from Daiso and yup, I still hate spiral bound notebooks. The paper is really thin, but I was right and using the Frixion pens didn’t ghost through so much that it annoyed me. I started using my Frixion Marker for headers which also didn’t ghost through too much and I am using a lot of stickers. It’s awesome!

Small change! In the key, I wrote down the dimension of the dot grid, so how many squares across and how many squares down. It helped out a lot in planning layouts and stuff! I saw it in someone else’s bullet journal flip-through and decided to include it in mine. Check it out:
Bullet Journal Update!

For this journal, I’m alternating where I tape in my inserts so that the tape doesn’t build up in one area. I taped the first month (January) at the bottom of the page and the next month (February) at the top of the page. Check it out:
Bullet Journal Update!

Here are February, March and April monthlies and dailies (I know I forgot February’s monthly! I’m too lazy to go back now!):

Details: I used a lot of stickers in my monthlies and dailies. In March, I expanded the food log to fit the entire daily entry. In April, I gave my dailies more room to breathe and just simplified every day to have half a page (22 squares for the top, 23 squares for the bottom). In April I also started tracking my time, even though I’m at work almost all the time.

I took a video of this as a flip through and then decided I hated it so I took screencaps and am posting it as images. Sorry for the crappy pictures.

How are you guys changing up your bullet journals and planners? Y’all like my stickers? 😀

Thanks again for reading, everyone!

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