How the Rest of My 2015 Went

How the Rest of My 2015 Went

So I’ve been away. Again. Life caught up with me. Again. I’m really not good at this blogging thing that I used to be so good at! One of my resolutions this year is to get back on track so let me start by summing up what I did in the last third of 2015.


A lot happened in September and most of it, I was on vacation and got vacation brain. So the last thing I blogged about from my personal life was that menu I had been working on. I finally got it finished after long, nearly sleepless nights and almost immediately I went on vacation.

Labor day weekend almost always falls on the birthday of one of my good friends, Julie, so she and I took a swoop down to SoCal (South California, for those not hip to the lingo), and spent the weekend in San Diego! It was a TON of fun. Coronado was gorgeous, the food was superb, and the weather was outstanding. A perfect weekend!

Day 1 of our 3 day weekend! Today was mostly on Coronado — gorgeous city, gorgeous weather! #MarriottMarquisSD

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Our gorgeous view from our room at dusk! #MarriottMarquisSD 😍😍💕💕

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I also went with my lovely boyfriend to Disneyland at the end of September! We wanted to go to see the Halloween decorations and seriously, they did not disappoint. To be fair, Disneyland hardly disappoints though — unless you’re there for Christmas because apparently it is super crowded! The only bad thing was we didn’t get to go on Pirates of the Caribbean because it wasn’t open.

The other big thing that happened in September was that our office moved! We packed up all our stuff and moved to an office in downtown Sunnyvale. It was pretty nice!


Not a lot happened in October except Halloween, and three of my friends had birthdays!

So my friends Diana and Anh have close birthdays so they always have a joint birthday party. This year we went to do a Paint Nite! We went to a cozy little place in Campbell called Bottle and Bottega and our painting that night was Van Gogh’s Starry Night. I knew I wasn’t gonna do well so I kinda screwed around with it and added a TARDIS for extra measure. That thing is gonna be valuable one day!

And of course the other thing was Halloween! Last year my friends and I did Disney Villains (I went as Gaston) and this year we were supposed to go as the Princess counterpart, so I went as Belle! I went as peasant!Belle because it’s my favourite version of Belle and also it was easier ;). I loved how it turned out!


Nothing of significance happened in November except that I went Black Friday shopping for the first time! It was torturous but not absolutely horrifying! I kinda had to go because I am the Maid of Honor in a wedding in January, and my bride wanted to pick up a couple things for the wedding! And also she and her future husband always go to Fry’s Electronics on Black Friday and I wanted to tag along for a large TB hard drive. I ended up getting a 5TB hard drive for my backup drive (which I’ve wanted since I got my giant iMac), and I also ended up getting a TV because we haven’t had one in a long time (it broke in April). No pictures were taken because taking pictures of things I use all the time is weird! I also had a weird a long Thanksgiving and if you want to listen to my story of that, you can go to Episode 47 of We’re The Worst Podcast, because honestly if I were to type it out, it would be too long for a summary blog post.


Many awesome things happened in December!

In order from first in the gallery to last: 1) I crocheted a TON for Taylor’s Christmas present this year! 2) I found the Deadpool in the Santa chair! 3) Taylor got me the Dark City expansion pack and the Guardians of the Galaxy expansion pack, and now my box for Legendary is TOO FULL! I love it! 4) Taylor’s friend Mitch has a girlfriend named Brie and she works at a bakery! She brought this amazing cake to the Christmas Party and it was a lot of cake. 5) I wrapped all the presents and slapped a greyscale filter on it so no one would no whose present is whose! 6) Here is the finished present for Taylor! It is a kha’zix blanket, all in tunisian stitch. It was exhausting and fully worth it! 7) We went to see The Hateful Eight in it’s 70mm glory. Now, I’m not a cinefile so I don’t know what any of that means, but oh my gosh, we got these freaking awesome packets to go with it, and boy oh boy am I a fan of nice, printed material!

And last but not least, it was my mom’s birthday, and I took her out to Morimoto Napa (the Iron Chef! His restaurant in Napa!).

The food was delicious! The atmoshere was very nice, if not a bit on the dark side (we couldn’t take great pictures of the food, and my mom and I are huge food picture people if it’s worth taking a picture of. We had tea, a couple of cocktails, Morimoto Bone Marrow, Duck Duck Goose, and the Tofu cheesecake. Super nice and worth the trip if you’re around the Napa area!

Well, that’s all for my first wrap up post for 2015. Next couple of posts will be my bullet journal updates and then my plans and resolutions for 2016! I made a little signature picture too, hope you guys like it!

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