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My Mini-Vacation to see Spontaneanation!

So late last night, I posted my latest Snapshot Saturday vlog, and I’m going to explain today why we went on our mini-vacation and what we did!

So a couple months ago was my birthday, and I really wanted to take a weekend trip down to LA to watch Spontaneanation the weekend of my birthday. Unfortunately, the timing was not the best, and I was a bit pouty (read: really, really pouty) about it, so instead of going the first weekend of April, my lovely boyfriend bought us plane tickets and show tickets for the first week of June, which was this weekend!

It was actually our first time on a plane together. I don’t really mind flying, but I think Taylor like taking the drive down to SoCal better. I really wanted to fly this time, however, because we would just be down for the day of the show and then fly back the next day. It was just faster timing.

The flight was at 9AM on Saturday morning and it was early! My mom was nice enough to drop us off, but the security line was long (of course) and the boarding was delayed for about 15 minutes. Luckily, we didn’t have solid plans until that night. Taylor got us a really nice AirBnb so after landing and eating breakfast, we checked in early.

It was surprisingly cold in LA! When we left the San Francisco airport (SFO), it was sunny and almost hot for San Francisco. But when we landed, it was weirdly foggy and cold. It was probably in the mid-60s and there was a fog cloud all over LAX. Walking helped, and frankly we were glad for the weather, but when I was packing, I was packing for a warm mid-80s, like the forecast predicted. Alas, should’ve packed some jeans!

We really just chilled all day, which was nice. Taylor said I could do anything I wanted, and really for my birthday, I would’ve just liked to stay in bed and relaxed. We did walk to get pizza, which was really close by to where we were staying, but because we had gotten up so early to go to the airport, and because I knew we’d have to get up today too, I just wanted to stay in and rest. Besides, LA is not really convenient if you don’t have a car.

That evening we took a Lyft to Largo at the Coronet and checked in to get our seats! By now I was getting really anxious; I always get really nervous when I’m about to do something I really want to do. Near Largo, there’s a mall so we passed the time by window shopping. The mall closed really early, like at 8PM which was extremely surprising to us because we assumed LA shops would stay open later.

We went back to Largo and got our seats. It was a lot more cramped than I thought it was going to be! And we are relatively small people, I can’t imagine how the other people felt sitting in their seats. The guest this month was Robyn Hitchcock, who is a singer-songwriter. I didn’t know who he was before going to the show, but he was delightfully charming and funny. The improvisors were Nyima Funk, Coleen Smith, and Chris Tallman. It’s funny because I know what they sound like, and I’ve seen their pictures before, but actually watching them talk was a treat. And of course, Paul F. Tompkins. I love this man! He was just as charming and hilarious and amazing as I hoped and the show was hilarious. I believe the episode we watched last night will be posted in August, so that’s not bad!

I really, really loved the show. I sincerely hope I get to see another show in the future, and I hope this podcast goes on and on forever. It was the best birthday present ever!

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