Obligatory 2016 Resolution Post!

It’s the beginning of a new year, and it’s resolution time! Let’s start by going over my goals from last year:

  • At least 1 unassisted pull-up – I did not do this at all. I actually stopped going to the gym after I lost my job in March. I was completely unmotivated and depressed.
  • 10 minute mile – Again, I didn’t make it to the gym, so I did not improve on this at all. However, I did complete two Color Runs in the Bay Area! My mile time was terrible (I think it was 13 or 14 minutes?) but I find that to be a big accomplishment on its own.
  • Read at least 27 books – Again, this was not completed. I had too much on my plate regarding weddings, the podcast, job hunting, and crocheting.
  • Hike every two weeks with Julie – Due to scheduling conflicts between the two of us, we weren’t able to go more than 3 or 4 times I think.
  • Cook more – I am finally happy to say that YES, I totally cooked more! They weren’t all great, but they were certainly edible!
  • Inspiration! Blogging/podcast/vlogging – As some of you know, the podcast I started with my friend Sowmya was a complete success in that we did 50 episodes in 2015! We’re even doing a second season this year, and we’ll have videos and vlogs too! I also did a little bit more blogging in the middle of the year and had to stop once things got really hectic.
  • Greece – Perhaps the most disappointing of all, I did not get to go to Greece this year. The combination of the loss of my job and my most expensive purchase, my new car Kurt, it would have been financially irresponsible for me to spend even more money and take time off my new job to do it.

A lot of unresolved resolutions and it’s disappointing to see, but at the same time, I know how busy I was, so I’m not that mad at myself. Now, on to my resolutions for this year!

  • 28 books in 2016 – I’m continuing this ridiuculous tradition until I actually complete it!
  • Catch up on podcasts – This is one I think I can definitely do (especially since, at this job, I just listen to 8 hours of podcasts a day while doing my work). Unfortunately, I am not smart and I keep adding more and more podcasts to my queue.
  • Workout once a week – Self-explanatory. I believe I can do this!
  • Organize fonts and files on my computer – I wrote this as separate resolutions but I’ll compile it into one on this list. My computer is so messy! And now that I’ve finally got a backup drive, I want to start organizing everything so it’s easier to find!
  • Blog more – I’m hoping that after this wedding I’m in at the end of January, I will have a more lax year and I can turn my focus back to my blog!
  • Journal more – I think I have a good handle on bullet journaling, but when it comes down to mindfulness, I need to get back on that. So here’s to a more mindful year!

What are your 2016 resolutions? Do you have any tips or tricks that may help me finish mine?

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