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Pen Showcase: Pilot Frixion Point 04 (in Black)

Pen Showcase: Pilot Frixion Point 04 (in Black)

Pen Showcase

Starting a new series on my blog about the pens I have! I was kinda going for a pen review, so that’s basically what it is! I’ll try and highlight things I like and dislike, and then things I’ve heard from other people (probably other reviews, or the Pen Addict). Without further ado, here’s my first pen, the Pilot Frixion Point 04 in Black!

Pen Showcase: Pilot Frixion 04 (Black)

I ended up scanning this and only using an unsharp mask because it was kinda blurry; I was having the hardest time taking a picture of this so were some of my attempts on Instagram:

And finally I wrote some pangrams down on a new Rhodia Dot Pad I got:


I first got these pens from my good friend Rebecca; she came back from Japan and gave them to me, and I had never heard of them before! I did end up buying refills and other colors from JetPens, so you can get this pen here.

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