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Top Five Celebrity Crushes

Here’s a more detailed topic from my My Facts post, and one of my favourite topics to talk about in real life: Top Five!

Now, if you don’t know what a Top Five is, I think it started with the Friends episode, The One with Frank Jr., but Ross starts making a list of 5 celebrities he’s allowed to sleep with if given the chance. Basically the trope is (copied from TVTropes.com): the concept of having an agreement with your partner about being able to have sex with five celebrities of your choice, should you have a chance to score. Of course, you’re never going to have this chance, nor if you did, would they even be interested in you in the first place. But, it’s a fun topic to talk about, especially with your friends.

You can watch the full episode here, and the explanation starts at 8:40.

I like talking about this because everyone has different opinions on aesthetics (the nice way of saying sexiness) and personality so everyone has a different Top Five. All the girls I’ve talked to about their Top Five have different celebrities on there, and most of us straight women have an additional “Girl Crush Top Five” which is pretty self-explanatory. Some of the lists are based on looks while some lists are based on auras or personality. Most of the straight guys I’ve talked to only have one female celebrity on their list, (though I will say I don’t have too many straight guy friends to whom I’ve broached this topic). In addition, tastes change with time, and some celebrities will become popular as the months and years go on.

I briefly mentioned in my pop culture post, but here are my Top Five lists:


    My list consists of a fine mixture between aesthetics and personality. First is:

  1. Robert Downey Jr. – I love a man with good scruff, and he’s got the best cocky-but-not-super-arrogant personality.
  2. Chris Hardwick – Chris is my favourite stand-up comedian, and I love a guy I can joke with! Plus, he’s also got the scruff going on (I seriously love scruff.)
  3. Grant Imahara – I’ve loved Grant since he started on Mythbusters all those years ago. I didn’t have cable until I got into college, and then I just watched it religiously. He’s geeky and adorable, hands down my favourite combination.
  4. Tom Hiddleston – Just a straight-up handsome actor dude. I also love his Loki’d series he did with MTV; he’s the best!
  5. Jason Momoa – Another scruffy guy, I love his arms (god, yes) and his general bad-boy-look-but-charming-and-funny demeanor.
  6. Honourable Mention: Chris Pratt – Like Jason, another scruffy, good-looking, adorable, funny guy.

    Above All: My boyfriend Taylor (of course) – He’s my combination of all 6 and he’s perfect for me ♥


    My female list are all girl crushes based on style, aesthetic, and attitude.

  1. Jennifer Lawrence – My favourite leading lady at the moment, and one who fights for equal rights, JLaw is just the best, period. She’s also hilarious and can we be friends now please?
  2. Kristen Bell – I loved her on Heroes (but I still haven’t watched Veronica Mars, which I know, I know, I have to get to), and her interactions with Craig Ferguson on The Late Late Show make her just seem fun to be around. Plus, if you haven’t seen Kristen’s sloth meltdown on Ellen, how are you even here right now. Let’s be friends Kristen!
    Olivia Wilde – Olivia has the most gorgeous eyes ever. I loved her in The Black Donnellys and House and she seems like such a sweet, down-to-earth person.
    Natalie Dormer – Natalie just always looks awesome to me, especially with her bad-ass hair cut that I totally want but could not pull off.
    Emma Stone – I love redheads, and Emma just seems like a funny, genuine person. I wish we were friends!
  3. Honourable Mention: Mila Kunis – My love for her is purely based on her hilarious interactions with Craig Ferguson but also I love her style and her smoky eye.

    Above All: All my awesome, amazing friends! I love all your styles and aesthetics and attitudes! I love you guys! ♥

Hope that clears things up! Who are your top five? Thanks for reading, and be sure to check out the rest of My Facts list (as well as past and future posts explaining them)!

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